Are you looking for a professional contractor to replace the siding on your home?  Installing new siding is a pretty common exterior home improvement project.  The right siding can really make your home stand out and provide protection against the elements.  There are several different popular siding materials to choose from such as vinyl, wood, or fiber cement and they come in a variety of different styles, textures, and colors.

Why Do You Want Your Siding Replaced?

Would you like to update the look of your home?
Would you like to replace old or rotten wood siding?
Is your vinyl siding sun bleached and brittle and in need of replacement?
Has your siding been damaged in a storm or by severe weather?

We Specialize in the Installation and Replacement of Siding

J. Douglas Contracting is a full service siding installation contractor serving Wake County, NC and the surrounding areas. We specialize in the installation and replacement of several different types of siding including vinyl siding, wood siding, and fiber cement siding (Hardie plank). We install siding from the highest quality, trusted manufacturers including: Allura, James Hardie™, Royal Vinyl Siding, Mastic Vinyl Siding, and Mira-Tec Trim.

Siding Replacement Services Wake County, NC

Vinyl Siding:  This is the most popular siding on the market today and probably the most affordable.  Vinyl Siding can be very low maintenance and is usually fast and easy for professionals like J. Douglas Contracting to install.  Vinyl Siding is available in many different colors and patterns.  If you are on a tight budget than vinyl siding is the most economical way to side your home.  Even though it’s considered a more economical siding option, vinyl siding is still a very good choice and when installed and cared for correctly, it will last a very long time.

Fiber Cement Siding:  Fiber Cement siding has rapidly developed into one of the more popular alternatives to wood and vinyl siding.  Unlike wood, however, Fiber Cement siding is impermeable to the most common forms of damage that threaten wood siding, including water damage, rot and termites.  Fiber Cement siding boards are specially designed to retain paint much longer than wood, without chipping or peeling.  The flexibility to paint fiber cement siding means that you have a plethora of color options.

Siding is an important exterior decorating detail on your home, and helps protect the inner structure from the elements.  One of the more common mistakes, or “time-savers” you’ll see with other siding contractors is their lack of attention to the finer details of a siding job, like making sure ends meet up around windows, and other areas that need to be trimmed.  Professionals will do a nice clean job for you, while the “other guys” will leave gaps, holes, and other unsightly deficiencies that detract from the look you’re trying to achieve for your home.

Old Siding Removal And Disposal

J. Douglas Contracting siding replacement projects include the removal and disposal of your old siding if necessary.  This is an important aspect of your siding project and there are many siding contractors happy to leave you with that mess, or charge you extra to handle it.  When we’re done installing your new siding you’ll never even know we were there aside from the beautiful new look we’ve given your home.

Why Choose J. Douglas Contracting For Your Siding Project?

When you choose to work with J. Douglas Contracting for your exterior home improvements you’re partnering with a small, family owned, local company.  We are excellent communicators, we are experienced craftsman, we use high-quality products, and we don’t cut corners.  The safety, security, and appearance of your home is important to us and is reflected in the attention to detail we provide on every single on of our siding projects.  You’ll be in good hands with the J. Douglas team.